Distinctive Software

Online notebookLocated in Canada, the studio was engaged in production of video games. It was founded in 1982, but remained independent for only nine years. The entire subsequent history of Distinctive Software unfolds within Electronic Arts.

The responsibility for creating this company lies on the shoulders of D. Mattrick and D. Sember, who in the early 1980s decided to engage in the development of computer games. The company’s debut game was a fighting game called Fight Night. Released on all popular platforms, the game was warmly accepted by gamers and sold well on Commodore, taking the third position among the best selling games of 1987.

The first big project, that brought Distinctive Software fame, was called Test Drive. The game was the first part in the large series, which reached its maximum in the modern Test Drive Unlimited, which was developed by another studio.

The publishing house Test Drive was responsible for Accolade, that spread the game on many popular platforms of that time. C64, Amiga, Atari ST and others – the project got to most racing fans.


Light game controllerIn 1995, three unknown medics decided they wanted to do something else. They – R. Muzyka, G. Zeshchuk and A. Yip, founded a software development company, which subsequently produced some of the best RPGs in the history of the gambling industry. The company’s headquarters are in Edmonton, Canada. The most famous BioWare games are Baldur’s Gate and Newerwinter Night.

As of 2012, the company owns six small studios located in the U.S., Ireland and Canada. Gradually, the company began to leave the key figures. Thus, in the same year, G. Zeschuk and R. Muzik left the company. A. Yip left the studio only two years after its foundation, that is in 1997.

Experts note that after the merger of the studio with the giant EA, the quality of her games has somewhat decreased.

BioWare is also the creator of its own Infinity Engine. It was used to create the iconic Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. For Newerwinter Nights, the developers created another engine, Aurora Engine. It was also used in KOTOR and The Witcher.

Digital Extremes.

Digital art fan footballThe company develops video games. The most famous of them are Unreal, Dark Sector and Warframe series. Digital Extremes was founded by D. Schmalz in 1993. The first games didn’t seem to be any revelation and appeared only as a sample pen.

Only 5 years later, DE created a really worthwhile project Unreal on the advanced engine Unreal Engine. Together with Epic Games they managed to develop first-class and high-tech 3D shooter from the 1st person. A year later the Unreal Tournament (UT) was released, mostly with an emphasis on the multiplayer. Both games received high scores from critics.

Digital Extremes, in collaboration with TechAlliance, often invites high school students to visit in order to encourage doubtful children to put their lives on game development or just to show the life of the studio.

In the future, the company did not produce anything fundamentally new. It released the pinball game again, and then in 2002 and 2004, again in cooperation with EG, created UT 2003 and the iconic UT 2004. At the same time, at the peak of fame, Digital Extremes established a subsidiary of Brain Box Games in Toronto, which eventually released extremely bad games and was abolished.

After a long lull, in 2008, the team developed their own Dark Sector engine. In addition, it was engaged in BioShock porting and helped to create BioShock 2. Finally, in 2012 the highly acclaimed The Darkness 2 was released, which brought DE even more fame. Now the company supports MMO-shooter Warframe.

DreamCatcher Interactive

Pubg computer game counter strike tommy gun machine gunDeveloper and publisher of video games for personal computers, whose head office was located in Toronto, Canada. Having existed since 1996, the company was dissolved fifteen years later.

DreamCatcher Interactive was created by R. Wa Kahn, who wanted to devote his life to video games. The studio’s debut project was the adventure game Soldier Boyz, which was supported by the company Jewels of the Oracle. The project was a success and was well distributed in retail.

Then from DreamCatcher followed the release of The Crystal Key – the game that sold more than one and a half million copies in one North America. Two consecutive breakthroughs allowed the company to expand and contract with Her Interactive to start releasing the Nancy Drew franchise.

At the end of 2002, a major turn in the company’s life followed. Cryo Interactive’s competitor was broke, which allowed DreamCatcher to buy all assets of the latter.

Moreover, the studio managed to acquire an office and key Cryo studio, which can be called a complete takeover. Immediately after, the company creates a branch – The Adventure Company.

In the following years it cooperates in every possible way with Wanadoo and Microids, as well as other studios, distributing such projects as Syberia and Still Life.

Ubisoft Montreal

Computer woman gameThe largest branch of Ubisoft, located in Montreal. Existing since 1997, the studio has managed to release many projects, putting a hand in such famous series of publishers as Splinter Cell, “Prince of Persia”, “Killer Credo”, Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

At first, Ubisoft Montreal received funding directly from the Canadian government, which sought to help develop the gambling industry in the country. The reason why the Guillaume brothers decided to establish a branch in Quebec is that the province has a predominantly French-speaking population and is also close to the English-speaking United States.

The studio was initially run by Martin Tramble, who took over as chairman of the council. A little later, he was appointed operating director of the entire studio.

The debut project Ubisoft Montreal was a series of casual games for children, such as adaptation of the animated series “Duck Donald”. But in the same year 2000 the company decided to take on more serious games, starting to develop Splinter Cell.

Stealth action came out two years later, becoming an iconic genre. The script for the game was written by Tom Clancy himself, whose initials are marked on almost every Ubisoft shooter game.

Interesting plot and excellent gameplay allowed the game to achieve great popularity and move to the whole series, that is still developing.

The project won several awards: “Best Action” 2002 by Game Critics Awards, “Best Game on Xbox” 2002 by IGN, third place in the category “Best Script” by Game Developers Choice Awards.

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