Technological progress is not standing still. Yesterday, the launch of many games required a powerful iron, and today smartphones quietly provide graphics that could not boast top PCs of the past. Yesterday, in order to make an international call, you had to go to the post office and order a phone booth, and today you can set up a video connection with any place in the world. And yesterday to buy the video game, you had to go to the market or to the shop, and today you just need to press a few buttons to successfully start downloading the game to your device directly from the World Wide Web.

With the advent of the eighth generation of consoles, as well as fast Internet, digital copies of games are gaining in popularity. Whether it’s a classic or just a new AAA-class release, you can download the game from the PS Store or the Xbox One online service. There is usually no difference between the digital and physical version of the game in terms of content. However, each option has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of price and usability. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of digital and disc games and answer the question of whether it is better to choose a digital copy or discs.

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Why buy digital games. Three reasons


First of all, it’s convenient. You can buy and install digital games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 without even getting up from the sofa. Also, many games that you have pre-ordered in numbers can be pre-downloaded, so you can play it the second it is officially released. Buy games online, you can even through the official application PlayStation and Xbox in your smartphone. When you come home, the game will be waiting for you, installed on the console.

You can not lose them. The disc is nice to hold in your hands, and the boxes often look beautiful, but they have a big disadvantage – they can get lost, and children or pets can accidentally break them. Digital games are stored on the server, and even if the console or hard drive is broken, you can always download them to a new console. They can be deleted and reinstalled as many times as you like to the console to which your PS or Xbox account is attached.

Buying the game in numbers is very convenient – just select the icon and install it.

A cross-platform purchase is available to you. Some games can be run on several different consoles after purchase. The same cannot be said about their physical counterparts (except for the Xbox platform). For example, if you buy games such as Super Meat Boy, Darkest Dungeon, Journey, FEZ in the PlayStation Store, you will be able to play them on both PS3 and PS4 (as well as PS Vita) – you will not have to buy the same game several times. Xbox keeps up with you – with the special promotion Xbox Play Anywhere you can buy and play Gears of War 4, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on Xbox One or on your PC.

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Why buy discs. Five reasons.

You can resell them. You cannot resell digital copies to anyone else, and they remain permanently tied to your account. At the same time, drives, being physical media, can be taken to a shop that buys them and sold or exchanged for new drives. The exchange will be unequal, in most cases, but you will still get a portion of the amount back. In addition, if you did not like the purchased game at all, why keep it on the shelf?

You can rent it out or lend it to your friends. Do you want to show your friends how cool the new Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed is? It’s easier to just give them a CD than to come to their house, go to your account and download the game from the server. Disc rental services are becoming more and more popular now, and you can easily find the latest product for PS4 or Xbox One in your city. Some dots will even let you try the game before you buy it.

Often there are discounts on discs. Although the number is often sold at a discounted price, discounts are still more substantial. Any modern electronics store often arrange sales, and coupons for discounts sometimes allow you to buy the game AAA-class for a penny. Some shops sell games in the state of second-hand, which are often not inferior in quality to new discs, and are cheaper.

Can boast of its collection. The number does not take up space on the shelf, but for some people the boxes and disks have a collectible value. If you want to show your passion to relatives and friends, you can’t do without a collection of physical media.

Disks will look spectacular on the collector’s shelf – you will have something to brag about in front of your friends.

You don’t have to worry about the speed of the Internet. Downloading a figure is convenient, of course, but only if you have good and high-speed Internet. If not, then the download and install the game can take all day. Games on disks are installed with, um, disks (and games on Switch do not even need to be installed) and for them at all does not matter the speed of connection to the Internet.

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Verdict: which is better – physical copies or a number?

Thus, buying games in numbers will suit mainly those players who have high-speed Internet and who do not have shops with games in the city. An additional plus – they can be installed and run at any time, without the need to insert the disk.

However, in our opinion, it is still more profitable to use disks. Bought the game may not like, and then you can easily exchange it for an equivalent with a small surcharge or sell it at all, helping back part of the amount. If you doubt that the game is good, you can rent it at a rental point and not spend a large sum to buy at full cost.

Some games are not available digitally and can only be found on CDs. For example, the first part of Dark Souls for PS3 is only available on disc.

Digital copy or disks – what is the best choice?