There are professions that almost everyone dreams about at one time or another. Unfortunately, however, these professions are rarely practical. Career in video games is not so long ago was one of these professions: to develop their games dreamed of every second child, but to make from this practical career has turned out to be few. Fortunately, today the video game industry is experiencing a boom: mobile games, VR and AR, numerous megapopular set-top boxes and online hits have made a career game developer as enviable as a Hollywood director – and the money for the production of games today is allocated almost the same as the average Hollywood blockbuster.

However, all this does not mean that the game developer can become any dreamer. In order to design games at a professional level, you need a good knowledge of computers, know math and have many other professional skills. In Russia, with education in this area is not a good thing – most universities are sitting in the deep 8-bit past. But abroad you can get an education that guarantees you a fast take-off in the gaming industry. If you do not want to overpay for the high-profile names of universities, it is best to study game design in Canada – employment at the highest level you will be guaranteed, and you can pay much less.

Fanshawe College

This young and ambitious Canadian college specializes in training top professionals in all kinds of fields. At Fanshawe, students are taught practical, modern and industry research-based courses. Game design is no exception. At Fanshawe you will learn from the best experts in the field and practice in real game studios.

Humber College

Popular among international students, Canadian college, where study costs only from $11 thousand a year. The college boasts one of the world’s best game development labs, and studies here are built around specific projects: students learn basic skills, and sharpen their skills through their own creativity.

Niagara College

One of the most ranked higher education institutions in Canada has made its name on the fact that it trains specialists in various fields, which all top companies want. Niagara College offers several courses on game development with different specializations, so that during your studies you will be able to determine your professional merits and find applications for them.

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

The gaming industry today is very similar to Hollywood – large budgets, international projects, the participation of celebrities and author-visioneers, new games which are waiting for the whole world. It is therefore quite natural that some of the best game design programs today can be found in film schools. Vancouver Film School trains top specialists in both creative and technical areas of cinema. From the walls of this school came many of the best masters of special effects, sound design, rendering and other “scene-setting” roles. Many of these professions are also very popular in the field of game design.

Brock University

Training in game design and programming at Brock University is based on the principle of maximum practical orientation. From the second year you will not just teach game theory, but do it together with your classmates. Students at Brock University join together in creative groups and work on their own creative projects: this helps them learn practical skills and develop their own unique vision in game design.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The uniqueness of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s game design program is that it teaches you not only to develop games, but also to sell them. Horseshoe in business today can be useful in almost every profession, and it is especially relevant for creative professions, where young talents often need to actively “push” their ideas in the market by themselves. The cost of a year of study at the university – only from $ 13 thousand.

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