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In Canada, scientists conducted research and were able to prove the positive impact of the popular game Minecraft on the educational process in school. This is due to the fact that the computer indie game in the sandpit genre has an educational value. Recently, the views of scientists on online and video games and their impact on the psyche of young people are very different. Some experts believe that children have a gaming addiction, remembering the exposure of the younger generation to violence.

In the opinion of their colleagues, such information is exaggerated. Thus, the popular game Minecraft, created by a programmer from Sweden, Markus Persson, has an educational character among children around the world today. For six consecutive years, the game has been actively integrated into the educational process in schools in Scandinavia and the United States.

Minecraft has proved to be useful for learning science, foreign languages and urban planning. Scientists have conducted research that has made it clear that video games like Minecraft provide a positive learning environment with a positive impact on mental and psychomotor functioning.

The experts suggested that students at one school should solve dozens of tasks, such as creating a navigation map using mathematics, language and game-based design. The results surprised and delighted the researchers. The schoolchildren showed a high level of motivation to learn, excellent computer skills, as well as a higher desire to solve problems and work with teammates.

The children were able to create “Titanic”, a railway track to it and a virtual football stadium. According to scientists, the use of indie games in the future for educational purposes should become a useful and important tool to improve teaching and learning methods.

In Canada, scientists have proven the positive impact of Minecraft on education.